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Adoption is not just getting home a pet, it is all about you giving a second chance on life to them. Rescued pets make wonderful family members as they have lacked on love and family.

Our trust wants to ensure that any pet we place for adoption, should go to families who can give them a lifelong commitment and provide them with an appropriate, clean and safe environment to call their own, take care of them if they fall sick, where they can rely and trust, and above all give them unconditional love.

If you plan to adopt from our shelter, we urge you to ask all the questions and doubts that you have.


Benefits of adopting a rescued pet:


1) You have a new addition to your family.

2) You save a life

3) You help stop cruelty in mass breeding

4) You adopt a pet who has received good care

5) You take advantage of adopting an adult pet. (no puppy phase)

6) You encourage others to adopt animals from shelter


We are glad and we thank you for your wonderful kindness in wishing to save a life from animal rescue trust.

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