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Distant Adoption


A.R.T Retirement home houses many street dogs, most of them have either lost limbs or rendered paralyzed in road accidents. Few blind and quite a few rescued from cruel pasts. We have quite a few pedigree dogs, mostly lost/abandoned or breeder discard female dogs either abandoned due to old age or suffering from vaginal disorders or other diseases.

A.R.T. doesn’t charge any fee from rescuers. We also run a free hospital, free ambulance for strays, and conduct sterilizations & anti-rabies vaccinations.

A.R.T. Pune DISTANT ADOPTION PROGRAM gives you an opportunity to experience gratifying parenthood for such a special needs dog.

You get to become a Mommy or Daddy by adopting them without taking them home by donating an amount for them every month.

You shall receive updates about your adopted baby and get to meet him/her whenever you please.

If you wish to be a part of it.. fill-up the form below and we will contact you.