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Giving Animals a new lease on life!

Highlights for the month of March 2021

ART PUNE is the ONLY NGO in Pune,
which is providing all of this under one name

1. Aashiyana, the retirement home, first of its kind in Pune which houses blind, permanently paralyzed, and disabled dogs.

2. A state of art FREE hospital, with the latest technology machines, and equipment.

3. Anti Rabies Vaccination drives.

4. A FREE OF CHARGE AMBULANCE service for Stray dogs, cats, and birds.

5. Two Veterinary doctors and surgeons employed full time.

6. Adoption program of adult pedigree dogs and Indian breeds.

7. ABC, sterilization program for stray dogs and cats


We admit a large number of stray dogs, cats, and birds for free treatment.

Our monthly expenses are approximately 6-7 lakhs.
As of now, we are able to raise ONLY 1/6 of our monthly expenditure.

Expenses as follows:
1. 8000 SQ FT hospital and shelter rent – Rs 40,000
2. Electricity and water bill – Rs 10,000
3. Salaries of Veterinary doctors – Rs 80,000
4. Salaries of 7 permanent staff at the shelter – Rs 1, 80,000
5. Food – Rs 40,000
6. Monthly medicines – Rs 1, 00,000
7. Petrol – Rs 30,000
8. Miscellaneous – Rs 30,000


1. Start the ECS (Electronic clearing system – automatically credits the donation) donation for 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 years.

2. Share our details with friends and family 

3. Share with your company for CSR 

4. Raise donations for us in your Kitty parties, housing societies or office, or on special occasions.

5. Encourage your children and friends to spend their birthdays in our shelter

Please come forward and donate

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