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Adopt Don’t Shop

Dog breeding industry is largely extremly cruel and due to the craze for Purebreed or Pedigree puppies , the adult breed dogs are suffering and forced to produce year after year .

ART Pune has been helping other NGO s in Pune by adopting the seized dogs, sterilizing them, and getting them adopted.

We have successfully got 150+ adult dogs Adopted.


Our Adoption coordinator team has been responsibly taking care of the Adoption Process.

  1.  Only healthy, sterilized, vaccinated dogs are put up for adoption.
  2.  Many of such dogs, who unfortunately could not get adopted, live a life full of love and care in our Retirement home, Aashiyana.
  3.  Adoptions are done in Pune city only so that the post-adoption process can be followed easily.
  4. Potential adopters are carefully selected after few steps of verification.
  5. A proper counseling session is conducted after the potential adopter meets the dogs.


There is a remarkable and positive change in the mindset of people.

More and more people are now adopting Indian breeds, as more awareness is created of Dog breeding industry horrors.

Adoption is not just getting home a pet, it is all about you giving a second chance on life to them. Rescued pets make wonderful family members as they have lacked on love and family.

Our trust wants to ensure that any pet we place for adoption, should go to families who can give them a lifelong commitment and provide them with an appropriate, clean and safe environment to call their own, take care of them if they fall sick, where they can rely and trust, and above all give them unconditional love.

If you plan to adopt from our shelter, we urge you to ask all the questions and doubts that you have.


Benefits of adopting a rescued pet:


1) You have a new addition to your family.

2) You save a life

3) You help stop cruelty in mass breeding

4) You adopt a pet who has received good care

5) You take advantage of adopting an adult pet. (no puppy phase)

6) You encourage others to adopt animals from shelter


We are glad and we thank you for your wonderful kindness in wishing to save a life from animal rescue trust.



Adopt Rosey

Rosey, a female lab, suddenly popped up at a location near our shelter out of nowhere. Must have been some home breeder in the area. The local people had no issue with her staying in the area.. but She got bit by a street and the wound developed MAGGOTS like wildfire.
Rosey is now perfectly healthy and ready to go to her forever home.

To Adopt Rosey: WHATSAPP US ON – 8007401097


Adopt Caramel

Caramel, the most adorable indie, was abandoned by his owners. He was left tied at our shelter’s gate. We took him in and he has been with us since then. Ashiyan has become his home and he knows he will never be abandoned again..

To Adopt Caramel: WHATSAPP US ON – 8007401097


Adopt Mummy

Mummy is a very docile indie who was rescued by our founder Farokh Irani and Boman Barucha. She was pregnant and malnourished. She delivered Chunnu and Mummu at the shelter and we couldn’t leave them to the streets again to fend for themselves. The family is the permanent resident of Ashiyana now.

To Adopt Mummy: WHATSAPP US ON – 8007401097


Adopt Tintin

Tintin, the young Lab Mix, is an adventurous and boisterous spirit. He was rescued from his owners. He had a large wound and maggots were eating away at his flesh but the owners were least bothered about it. We welcome Tintin with open arms at Ashiyana.

To Adopt Tintin: WHATSAPP US ON – 8007401097


Adopt Bahubali

Bahubali, a 5-year-old GSD, is as strong and brave as the name suggests. He was found by a group of volunteers at Camp. Whether he was lost or abandoned we cannot say as we were not able to find his owners. Bahubali however found his home at Ashiyana.

To Adopt Bahubali: WHATSAPP US ON – 8007401097


Adopt Chunnu

Chunnu was born to Mummy at Ashiyana itself. He has never known the street life and Ashiyana is his only home.

To Adopt Chunnu: WHATSAPP US ON – 8007401097


Adopt Chutki

Chutki, an energetic indie, was rescued as a 2 week old with no sign of her family around. She was most probably relocated away from her birth place.She had severe mange and scabies which took months of treatment and recovery. We became so attached that we couldn’t even bear the thought of seperating from her. She is Ashiyana’s permanent resident now.

To Adopt Chutki: WHATSAPP US ON – 8007401097


Adopt Missy

Missy, the sweetest Irish Setter girl, was surrendered by her owners after she went completely blind. She was stick thin when she came to us and would keep banging at the shelter walls. She now beautiully navigates everywhere without any help. She will never have to change her surroundings again. She is at home now..

To Adopt Missy: WHATSAPP US ON – 8007401097

For Adoption Contact us on 8007401097 (Whatsapp Only)

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