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Maya was surrendered at the shelter by someone that she was a one-year-old female St. Bernard that he found somewhere.

When Maya reached shelter it was clear that all of that has been nothing but lies. The fact was that Maya was a senior dog with Gastro. Almost on the verge of dying.
She was probably never vaccinated or groomed or given the proper amount of food that a big breed like St. Bernard would need.

Once she recovered, she was happy, loving, and playful like a puppy. She is a big cuddle ball.

This sweet girl is looking for her Pawparents who can contribute some amount towards her care and Medication at Aashiyana.

Will you be the one she gets to call Mom and Dad??

You can Donate for:

1. Full care – Rs 5000 per month
(Food, medical expenses, vaccinations, deworming, detaching, baths)

2. Food: Rs 3000 per month

3. One meal: Rs 2000 per month

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