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Terms & Condition

Please read the Terms & Conditions below and click on the I Agree button to report a hurt or injured animal.

  1. CLAIM: A Case Reporter agrees that the animal to be treated/admitted is NOT his own animal (pet or otherwise) and has NO RIGHTS over the animal or any decisions pertaining to it after admission into the ART. The individual reporting the animal will not be allowed to visit the animal when hospitalized.
  2. UPDATES ON ANIMAL: Due to a shortage of staff, we are unable to provide any updates regarding the health, treatment while at ART Shelter.
  3. RELEASE OF AN ANIMAL FROM ART SHELTER:  All animals will be released at the animal’s original GPS Location either picked by ART ambulance or transport provided by Case Reporter during admission unless adopted.
  4. LOSS / DEATH: No reporter shall hold ART shelter for loss/death of the admitted animal.

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