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We need your help to give these animals the support, love and care they need while they are with us either recovering from unfortunate accidents and illnesses or rehabilitating at ART




Sponsor KYLIE

KYLIE, who has come to us from KOTHRUD might have CANINE DISTEMPER which means she has to be kept separate ward from everyone else till we get the test results back.. She has lateral recumbency which means she cant get up even when there is no physical trauma on her body.. We are keeping her on fluids and waiting for the test results..

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Sponsor VEERA

क्या पता कितना और दर्द लिखा है Veera की किस्मत में.. 😞
Long before VEERA came to us for his current situation.. He had a TUMOUR in his MOUTH that was operated and removed..
The TUMOUR probably reoccured and this time with even uglier ways.. the tumour burst and HALF OF HIS FACE IS GONE..
The skin just dropped off like melted plastic..
He is UNABLE TO EAT properly and hence is very weak as well..
Our VETS will try to graft the skin.. It is a long and expensive process.. We will have to test his tissue sample to see if necrosis is a permanent factor.. We are looking at each and every option to help him..
हम Veera की किस्मत तो नही बदल सकते, पर कोशिश पूरी करेंगे उसे ठीक करने की।।
Please PRAY for VEERA.. And PLEASE SUPPORT ART in his treatment.. He needs it the most..
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