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We need your help to give these animals the support, love and care they need while they are with us either recovering from unfortunate accidents and illnesses or rehabilitating at ART



Paralysed animals require Special Care, Strict Schedule and a lot of attention.. and even after all that it’s no time frame for them ever getting better again..
But at ART we do not give up on them because they lost their skill to walk as what they have is their WILL TO LIVE..
We have to take utmost care of all our paralysed patients.. Since they are not able to move on their own at all, they are prone to Bed Sores, Infections, Muscle Atrophy etc..
– We roll them over every few hours..
– Feed them by hand.. ?
– Give water every 2 hours with the help of syringe. ?
– Twice a day Temperature Checks..
– Blanket covering during cold weather..
– Keep newspapers under them so moisture doesn’t accumulate and change them 4 times a day..
– PHYSIOTHERAPY twice a day..
– Assisted walks with bedsheet swings..
– no cages ? so they can move freely..
With all these efforts we put in, when one of them start walking even a little.. it all feels so worth it..
Please SUPPORT US with our efforts to give all of them a better life filled with Love and Dignity..
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