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BARFI and BINDIYA are not related by blood but by SUFFERING..
While BARFI hails from Wagholi, BINDIYA has lived all her life in the heart of Pune.. They have never met before coming to the shelter but both understand each other’s pain..
Both Barfi and Bindiya had massive MAMMARY GLAND tumours hanging from their chests..
Our vets kept them under observation for a few days before taking them into SURGERY but as of today they are BOTH TUMOUR FREE and PAIN FREE!! ✌️
While we are glad that we were able to help both of them we certainly want to help many more like them..
AND that will not be possible without your SUPPORT!!
Both Surgeries costed us 8K EACH and that is just the material cost..
Please consider contributing for both BINDIYA and BARFI.. 🙏
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